Dietary magnesium-mineral additive “Bisheffect”

Recommended for adults to take it as an additional source of magnesium ions for general body strengthening, and as a mean that improves the state of the nervous and the digestive systems.


to support and improve the activity of the heart, vascular tone, and the state of the nervous system

as an intermediate in rheumatology with lesions of the musculoskeletal system (arthritis, arthrosis, spinal osteochondrosis)

can be used to saturate drinking water with essential micro and macro elements, dissolving 2-3 ml of drinking bischofite "Bisheffect" in 1 liter of drinking water, should be taken during the day with the same periodicity as with normal drinking water

to improve and regulate work of the intestines, dilute 2-5 ml of bischofite with 200 ml of drinking water and take after meals 2-3 times a day

to improve the functioning of the stomach, the condition of the biliary tract, and the biliary excretion take 2-5 ml of bischoffite per 200 ml of drinking water before or immediately after eating 2-3 times a day

Signs of magnesium deficiency:

a feeling of constant fatigue, inattention, difficulty in perceiving information

spasms, tingling in the legs and hands; frequent feeling that limbs are numb

dizziness and loss of balance without any particular reason

weak nails and the appearance of caries

nerve ticks of the lower eyelids

frequent insomnia, nightmares

feeling tired even if the sleep lasted for 7-8 hours

fussiness, attempts to complete all tasks in one go

stomach cramps

depressive state

sensitivity to weather changes, which is pronounced ache of joints

gum disease and teeth


increase in blood sugar

should be taken for 25-30 days, if needed, procedure may be repeated after 1-2 months.

not recommended for kids, pregnant, nursing women, if one has an individual sensitivity to the component of the product. Not a medicinal product. Medical consultation is needed before consumption.

natural bischofite solution

100 мл, 1000мл