For Bath

Bischofite Poltava Crystal concentrate “Magnesium flakes”

A release of a new formula – dry Bischofite flakes for local and normal baths

Bischofite Poltava Crystal concentrate “Antistress”

Enhanced anti-stress effect due to the high contentof essential oils of lavender and velerian

Bischofite Poltava Crystal Concentrate

Used during the course rehabilitation of deforming arthrosis, arthritis, spinal osteochondrosis, traumatic consequences

Bischofite Poltava “Coniferous extract with minerals and microelements”

Complex source of vitamins C, PP, B, magnesium and important microelements.

Bischofite Poltava “Elite”

Used for rubbing, compresses, local baths, massage, spa treatments and in physiotherapy rooms

Bischofite Poltava “Bisheffect yellow” made on Turpentine base

Contributes to a moderate decrease in blood pressure

Bischofite Poltava “Bisheffect white” made on Turpentine base

Promotes an increase in blood pressure