Bischofite Poltava

since 2000

We are happy to inform our numerous clients that LLC “Jardine Cosmetics” has been successfully certified by the
ISO 22716:2007 (GMP) and DSTU standard ISO 22000: 2007 (ISO 22000: 2005, IDT)
According to the ranking of the National Quality Rating of goods and services “Star of Quality”, our company is awarded the title “BEST ENTERPRISE OF THE COUNTRY” for consistently high quality and achieved advantages in business among enterprises operating in Ukraine!
The exclusive right to use the Patent of Ukraine for invention No. 115740 belongs to JARDIN COSMETIC Ltd., and the whole series of oral care products BISHEFFECT is manufactured according to the patented formula and is protected by the Law of Ukraine “On Protection of Rights to Inventions and Utility Models”

Genetic key towards health

Magnesium is known to be one of the most essential elements as it regulates the activity of more than 325 enzymes in the human organism. Nowadays, two thirds of the citizens who are living in the developed world, known to receive less than a minimal amount of magnesium through its primary source – food. The reason behind it are consumer technologies that have used up most of the vital minerals from nutritious soils, and thus created a production of cheap and low-quality food products. Sadly, we can’t change the assortment of products in your local shop. However, we can help your organism to function properly again, by proposing our signature products which components are based on unique polymer, that was left untouched on the depth of 2,5 kilometers during 200 million years, – Poltava’s Bischofite, the natural source of magnesium.


Research that studied the range of patients with periodontitis characteristics, after the treatment of 6-month time period, has shown the best long-term treatment results in those groups where Bisheffect pastes were used.
DZ “ZMAPO MOZ Ukraine”
Department of Therapy of Physiotherapy and Balneology Associate Professor Candidate of Medical Sciences Kovaleva Olga Vladimirovna

Bishofite is a natural mineral with a high content of magnesium, calcium, silicon and microelements, that are essential for the normal functioning of the nervous and musculoskeletal systems. When our body contacts with bischofite, it activates sanogenesis and self-healing processes. In both sanatoriums and physiotherapy bishofite is used in baths, when heated with ozocerite, used in massage, ultrasound and in electro-procedures.
Yury Mikhailovich Kazakov doctor honey. Sciences, Professor

We buy Poltava’s Bishofite in our local pharmacies, and if they don’t have it, we make an order and then get it in 2-3 days. Usually we get a Bishofite embrocation gel and a bottle of a liquid bishofite for compresses. Also, a plastic bucket of wonderful crystalline bischofite for a bath. May God help you in this difficult life and, most importantly, I wish you health, mutual understanding and personal happiness!
Savchuk Valentina Demidovna, pensioner, Poltava region.