Bischofite Poltava


Particular attention should be paid to the local application of Poltava's bischofite to the oral cavity. Scientific studies from the clinical, radiological, and laboratory efficiency of bischofite usage in the complex treatment of patients with periodontitis have been known for a long time. New tools (toothpastes and mouthwashes), created on the basis of Poltava's bischofite, are made for both daily individual oral care and at the stages of complex dental treatment at of the patients with inflammatory, dystrophic, idiopathic periodontal lesions, inflammatory diseases of the mucous membrane of the oral cavity of various etiologies.

Such a wide use of dental products based on Poltava's Bischofite is due to the fact that they have a patented formula in their structure, which in addition to the natural ecomineral it also contains the extracts of parsley, oak bark, calendula and honey. The use of Bisheffect-pastes is known for both teeth care and for the morning finger-rubbing of the gums. In case of discomfort in the oral cavity when using oral baths, Bischofite-mouthwash can be diluted with water. The main point is that the total time of contact of the mouthwash with the oral mucosa and gums should be at least 3 minutes.

Developed on the basis of Bischofite, new oral hygiene products strengthen gums, prevent the plaque formation, caries, have a slight whitening effect on the teeth, especially among fans of coffee and cigarettes, freshen breath, reduce bleeding and gum inflammation.
Petrushanko T.A., MD, Professor, Head of the Department of Therapeutic Dentistry of the Ukrainian State University of Dental Medicine (Poltava), Chairman of the Poltava Branch of the Association of Periodontology Doctors of Ukraine, Chairman of the Board for Periodontal Disease Prevention of the Association of Doctors of Periodontology of Ukraine.