Bischofite Poltava
бишофитные ванны белые

Poltava Bischofite "Bisheffect white"

Royal Baths made on turpentine base
The main ingredient of the Royal Baths is natural gum turpentine, extracted from the resin of pine trees

Gum turpentine has a local irritant effect on the skin, improving blood circulation. It runs regenerative processes in organs and tissues, including in bone and connective tissues.

White emulsion has a pronounced effect on the body (a sort of gymnastics for capillaries), stimulating the skin capillaries, improving their work and increasing blood flow. Capillaries permeate our body, and if they cease to work actively, our it would lead to the gradual failure of exchange processes in the organism.

The use of royal baths "Bisheffect White" is recommended for people with a low blood pressure, since such baths tend to increase the level of blood pressure (in order to reduce this effect Royal baths "Bisheffect white" and "Bisheffect yellow" should be taken together). Adding natural bischofite enhances the healing properties of baths.
► discloses clogged capillaries and restores their efficiency;
► activates metabolic processes;
► tones the skin;
► improves blood supply to tissues and organs;
► slows down the aging process of skin cells;

Application: The initial dose is 15-20 ml, which is, 15-20 ml of Bisheffect per 100 liters of water. Shake the liquid thoroughly. Measure the required amount with a beaker and pour it into the plastic container with a volume of 2-.2.5 liters. Add 1-1.5 liters of hot water, while constantly mixing. The resulting solution should have a milky color with strong smell of pine.

Resulting solution should be poured into the prepared bath (at a temperature of 36 - 41 ° С), while mixing. You are welcome to taker a bath now! Take for - 10-20 minutes. After bathing, do not wash off the remainings from the skin, but simply dry it with a towel and go to bed for at least 45 minutes. White Royal Baths do not cause severe sweating, but they do increase body temperature. However, they have quite a strong irritant effect on the skin, causing tingling, burning. This is normal, such phenomena must fade away within no more than 1 an hour after taking a bath. If you feel a strong burning sensation , you need to reduce the concentration by adding water to the bathroom. After a certain time, when the body gets used to the initial dose, you can gradually increase the concentration of the emulsion in the bathroom, bringing it to the maximum value of 60 ml per 100 l. water.
A gradual increase in the concentration of turpentine mixture, leads to the systematic training of capillaries and therefore, their adaptation to the product. Baths can be taken daily, every other day, or every two days with a break on the third day. The total course consists of 15-30 baths.

INCI: turpentine, aqua, cocamidopropyl betaine, magnesium chloride, salicylic acid.
Volume: 500 ml, 1000ml

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