Bischofite Poltava
бишофит питьевой

Dietary supplement Magnesium-Mineral Bischofite "Bisheffect"

Recommended for adults to take it as an additional source of magnesium ions for general strengthening of the body, and as a mean that has a beneficial effect on the state of the nervous system and the digestive system.
We presenting you the mineral supplement "Dietary magnesium-mineral supplement Bisheffect Bischofite", used in prophylaxes and prevention low magnesium levels in the body.

Magnesium is very important for the normal functioning of cells, nerves, muscles, bones and heart. Usually, a well-balanced diet provides a normal level of magnesium in blood. However, in certain situations, your body loses magnesium faster than you can replenish it from your diet. It may be diuretic treatment, poor diet, alcoholism, other medical conditions (for example, severe diarrhea / vomiting, stomach / intestinal problems, poorly controlled diabetes).
Also your body loses a lot of magnesium during severe stress or intense sport activity.
Sufficient levels of magnesium are needed to support:
► cardiovascular health
► stable heart rhythms
► proper functioning of muscles, musculoskeletal system
► digestive system
► calcium absorption (bone density) Recommended: Should be taken for 25-30 days, if needed, procedure may be repeated after 1-2 months.

Not recommended for kids, pregnant, nursing women, if one has an individual sensitivity to the component of the product.

The main signs of magnesium deficiency in the body:
1. Muscle spasms and cramps. Considering the role of magnesium in neuromuscular transmission and muscle contraction, muscular cramps can be a sign of magnesium deficiency. This is especially true if cramps occur frequently.
2. Migraine and headaches. For once who experience migraines and headaches, frequent cases may be associated with low magnesium levels. This is due to the role of magnesium in the dilation of blood vessels.
3. Hormonal problems. If you suffer from hormonal problems such as PMS, the severity of your symptoms could be associated with magnesium levels.
4. High blood pressure. Evidence suggests that magnesium deficiency is associated with high blood pressure and a number of studies have shown that when magnesium is added, a decrease of blood pressure is observed.
5. Irregular heartbeat. There have been several studies showing positive effect of magnesium on heart health and heart rate regulation. If you suffer from irregular heartbeat, talk to your doctor about a possible magnesium deficiency. 6. Osteoporosis. Magnesium deficiency is a significant risk factor for developing osteoporosis and can lead to a decrease in bone mass. Low magnesium also can reduce the amount of calcium needed for healthy bones in the blood.
7. Fatigue. Although fatigue may be due to a number of factors, it may be related with a shortage of magnesium, because this mineral is necessary for the energy production and transportation. Without enough magnesium, you may feel tired and weak.
8. Insomnia. Magnesium is needed for soothing the central nervous system and helping GABA neurotransmitters to work properly.

Ingredients: aqua, natural magnesium chloride
Volume: 100ml, 1000ml.

Recommended Daily Intake of Magnesium
* For an adult
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