Bischofite Poltava
зубная паста с бишофитом

Organic therapeutic and prophylactic toothpaste "Bisheffect-Family"

Organic therapeutic and prophylactic toothpaste "Bisheffect-Family", for the whole family. Contains only natural ingredients. Without fluoride, without sugar, made on Poltava Bischofite base Patented formula.

Recommended by the Ukrainian Dental Association
Suitable for children from 6 years

Toothpaste Bisheffect
► removes bleeding, inflammation and strengthens the gums (Bischofite, oak bark extract, stevia extract)
► effectively removes plaque (lactic acid)
► gently whitens tooth enamel (kaolin - white clay)
► freshens the breath (natural essential oils)

Bischofite is a natural mineral of the ancient sea, characterized by a high content of magnesium, magnesium and calcium ions, successfully resists inflammation and effectively withstands microbes.

Application: On the daily basis, brush your teeth twice a day during the period of 2-3 minutes

INCI: kaolin, aqua, glycerine, magnesium chloride, cocamidopropyl betaine, tutti frutti flavoring, hydrated silica, xanthan gum, chlorophyllin-copper complex, lactic acid, quercus robur bark extract, stevia rebaudiana extract, mentha piperita oil, hydroxyethyl cellulose, lemon essential oil.
Volume: 125ml/160 g.

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